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February 2017

Trigger warning! This post contains sensitive content relating to the feelings that arise when I self-harm. Sometimes I feel hopeless. I pick at scabs on my body relentlessly, making myself feel worse and worse about myself. I look in the... Continue Reading →


A Red Stain on the Tarmac

WARNING: This story has some disturbing, saddening, and death related content. Most of the time, when I hear about disasters on the news - deaths and in-humane acts and the likes - it doesn't make me feel as sad as... Continue Reading →

Do We Live In An Insane Society?

I feel as though, at some point, one must either reject the insanity that society has become, or embrace it. Has society gone too far? Undoubtedly. Whether you agree with the ventures and inventions of the human race, I think... Continue Reading →

I Remember You In Every Song

"I remember you in every song" These are the words, scrawled in thin black paint, that greet you when you alight from the Inter-City train in the station where I grew up. I wonder to myself, warm air all around,... Continue Reading →


You are scared of belonging, and you don't know how. You are so afraid to belong, to feel part of a group. To be so happy. You are afraid of how it would make you feel, of how vulnerable you... Continue Reading →

Tremble: A Feeling

Tremble, she wrote. But to tremble in fear, or excitement? To tremble with pain or pleasure? Tremble, she wrote, her shoulders raised and muscles tense. Her mind felt messy and her thoughts out of control, the feelings catching up with... Continue Reading →

I Never Want to Forget

I never want to forget how it felt to have your breath caress my cheek. I never want to forget how your golden and green hair brushed past my skin, ticking, whispering, scratching. I never want to forget your eyes... Continue Reading →

A Yearning for Travel

It kills me inside to know that there are places out there, people out there, a life out there, so much simpler and yet richer than this one. Travel, to me, is a search for the places that you have... Continue Reading →

I just want you to know…

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