I never want to forget how it felt to have your breath caress my cheek.

I never want to forget how your golden and green hair brushed past my skin, ticking, whispering, scratching.

I never want to forget your eyes shining down; Giving the world light, hope, beauty.

I never want to forget how it felt to lie in your arms, a safety, a simple perfection amongst the meadow arms you made.

I am scared that one day I will forget who you are, I will never know that you were once my best friend. That we once walked hand in hand. That, one day, I might forget everything that has made me who I am today. That I may become lost in a modern and unnatural world.

Forgetting your kiss, your touch, your soft caress scares me so. For reasons better-known, then, I must write you these letters. For I cannot bear to forget.

Dear Mother Earth, don’t ever let me forget you or I.