I feel as though, at some point, one must either reject the insanity that society has become, or embrace it.

Has society gone too far? Undoubtedly. Whether you agree with the ventures and inventions of the human race, I think it is un-arguably true to say that the populations of this world have gone overboard with our ideas and speculations of one another.

Take for example the idea of beauty; So many people feel the need to pluck, tweezer, inject, shave, paint, pierce and modify their bodies in the name of beauty. This is insane. This is absolutely insane. I don’t mean to put down those people who take part in these actions, indeed I myself take part in a few of them. I simply feel the need to share my thoughts and opinions and find someone who understands my point of view.

If you chose to embrace this society – or even part of it – I feel that you must revel in it, live and love the craziness of it all.

Or you could be rejecting part or all of it. Refusing to take part in the silly, messed up views of this world.

Either way, done to an extreme, I think each option is equally dangerous. A fine balance of lighthearted fun and rebellious tendencies must be reached in order to live a happy, sustainable, and fulfilling life.

I wish each and every one of you luck in finding your balance of crazy conformity to rebellious ridicule.