“I am so lucky to be where I am now “

This is a phrase I have used a few times, and while it is true that my life is currently in a very good place, it is not due to good luck.

The only luck I have had in getting to where I am now is that which I experienced from the random selection of my birth, and a few random events since then. Admittedly these are no small events to be overlooked, and they have certainly made a difference to the opportunities and experienced I have had the privilege to undertake.

However, the main reason I am where I am, and I have the skills and abilities I do, is down to my own hard work and dedication. I do not wish to brag, but I feel that many people do not give themselves enough credit when it comes to their success.

It is not all easy, and there will be times when you feel like giving up and that it is all pointless. But keep on going. I believe in you. Hard work and dedication may not be recognized by everyone, but it will be recognized and understood by you. And that is what is important.

Success is all relative, and when I use that word I am reffering to your own personal goals and view of success. To be successful you have to accomplish your own goals, not anyone else’s.

So set yourself challanging but reallistic targets, some of which will provide you with gratification within a short time frame, and some of which are linger term goals. Achieve these and you will have achieved success.

It will be hard, but keep at it and you will be successful.

I believe in you