Do you ever feel so hurt, so broken so dead inside that you just don’t talk to anyone, not even able to face the joy of others.

So as you fall apart, weeping inside, you protect yourself in a shroud of pain invisible to all those who do not see it in your eyes, feel it in your presence.

Your heart weighs heavy, you don’t understand if you are being irrational and manipulative, even jealous, or if these feelings are somehow justifiable. That there might somehow be an understandable and reasonable logic and process behind your feelings.

So trapped in these feelings, so trapped in these thoughts. You feel unable ask for fear of judgment, for pain. Fear of causing others offence or unhappiness.

So silently you struggle through, silently you scream and cry inside. Silently you smile and tell them all you’re fine.

No one realises, no one sees the pain you are in, the slow shattering of your heart. And with every exclusion, every hatred, every failed attempt, you break a little bit more. Your heart flakes away into ashes. Yet your hurt and pain go un-noticed still. Shrouded in a mask of your apparent indifference.

So hush down now. Don’t be afraid, don’t let them kill you inside, don’t let them take your joy. don’t let them steal your smile. For now you may rest your mask, for now you may weep and cry and hurt and hate and break. But don’t let them take your spirit. One day this will pass, and you are going to need your spirit to rebuild the rest of you.

Don’t let them break your hope.