At the skies you look, and the mountains you gaze

At the meadows you run, at the oceans you wonder

Heart fluttering, dreams soaring

Little hand in mine, what will you wish for? What will be your deepest desires and hopes? What will you wonder at and what will pass on by?

No fears, no regrets. Peaceful. Sweet innocence in my arms

So I let you go, and though it hurts me so, I only dream for your freedom. My only hope your happiness. My only wish your forgiveness.

For this modern world I bring you, for these worries I allow you, for this life I give you

So I let you free in this wilderness, in this wild perfection, the lands of my imagination. And happiness will be yours, and yours alone

There is nothing I would not do for you, so I give you the only present I can – I give you the earth, the mountains, the seas, the skies. I give you the meadows, the animals, the flowers and autumn leaves. I give you a gentle breath of air on a summer’s day, I give you the soft glow of sunrays in the spring, I give you a fire in your heart on a winter’s day. I give you the green grass, the golden hay, I give you birdsong and cicadas in the summer evenings. I give you light in the dark, love in the skies

So see the sky, feel the earth, breath the air, swim the oceans, touch the fire, hear the thunder, face the lightning. For this is life, and this is all I have to offer