I hand you the small neatly wrapped package.

It fits neatly in your hand. It is wrapped in a sheet from an Indian Newspaper dated December 3, 2013, bound together with an old cotton piece of string.

I’m watching your every move. At first you just sit opposite me, cross-legged with the small package in your hand, then you look from me to the package and back again, smiling slightly, before slightly tugging the string apart and unravelling it from the paper.

Pulling back the corners, inside you see the contents of my memory package from India.

I begin to tell you the stories behind each item.

There’s a piece of red and gold silk string we found on the jetty when getting a small ferryboat around the backwaters in Kotti, northern Kerela. The man on the boat was very friendly, we couldn’t work out what his job was though. Maybe an engineer. It was very low-key and quiet, there were no other tourists about. 16/12/2013

There are two lollypop sticks from orange lollypop a group of guys bought us on the beach, after myself and my brother had joined in swimming and playing ball with them in the sea. Malpe beach, 09/12/2013

There’s a business card for Kavery Delux Lodge, torn in half. We stayed there the last time we were in India, and it was lovely. But this time they wouldn’t give us the room for the advertised price, and they were unfriendly. So we stayed somewhere else with a family who had a young baby, they invited us to their kitchen and we sat and ate and talked. I kept the Kavery Lodge card though because it has lots of memories attached to it. Kushalnager 28/11/13

Then there’s another small piece of red and gold string. I think I picked it up off the ground in a temple, it’s something men sometimes wore around their wrists. I can’t remember anything else from it.

And last of all is a hold luggage tag from Qatar Airways with our route on it. I remember the black, white and green ones we used to get on British Airways. I love these tags, they mean travel and adventure. Bangalore 21/01/2014

And at last you look up at me. Tears in your eyes, you have unravelled my heart, my spirit. The longing in my heart is clear, the yearning is back, the thirst for adventure and memories is raw and open for all to see.

With thanks to the Daily Prompt for their Daily Prompt: Unravel