I am angry at the world, at society for producing and encouraging the notion that boys and men should not, or at the very least, should find it difficult to, express their emotions and talk about their thoughts and feelings.

I am angry that this idea that it should be difficult for men to express their feelings is everywhere I look.

Why do we damage young men in such a crucial and sensitive part of their persona? Why do we do it at their most vulnerable time, as a young adult?

I hate that the world is unknowingly killing, beating down, and subduing such an important and essential part of healthy interaction.

So if you are a man, ask yourself this:

Do you feel safe to express your emotions and feelings? The sensitive, hurt, upset feelings? How do you think society would react to your openness and honesty?

The hurt, scared, and essentially under developed ability to express emotions often created by society leaves people who are either too scared to, or don’t know how to, properly talk about and express their emotions. This angers me as it leaves those who really care as the people who must create the safe, secure, and sensitive environment for their friend to open up in. This can be very difficult to work out, as each and every person feels emotionally safe in different environments. But that is what caring is. Putting the effort in to work out what environment makes each person feel safe, and being there to listen and not judge, to hear and not override, to empathize and not condemn. That is caring.

My heart goes out to all those people affected by society’s portrayal of how much emotion someone should (or should not!) show, to all those people working hard to create the environments which make these people feel safe and secure enough to open up, and to those showing others how to talk about and discuss their emotions.