What a good song, I think more people in the word need to hear this message.

Too many people allow peer pressure to influence them detrimentally, and are untrue to themselves because they are attempting to live up to society’s often unrealistic expectations.

If a product makes someone happy, and makes them feel good about themselves, then sure, go ahead, use that product. A person SHOULD spend some money, time, and effort on themselves. But the end goal here should always be to increase their self esteem and overall happiness, and NOT to do it simply because everyone else is. Do not follow expectations and peer pressure blindly, question it all the time, and do what makes YOU happy. Not just because it’s what society has taught you you SHOULD be doing.

So here I stand, and here I’ll stay;

I will not conform to every social norm and expectation I come across. I will make a stand against what I do not believe in, and I will proudly show others they do not need to conform in order to be liked or accepted.