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Self Harm


'I wish you understood what it was like to be me' 'Why didn't you tell me?' 'Because you never asked.'


Emotional Abuse

Listen. Listen. Listen. LISTEN. Why don't you hear me? Why don't you care? Why don't you listen to what I am saying? Why did you have to hurt me SO MUCH? Why did you not you see what you were... Continue Reading →

The Nerve-Wracking Thoughts Before Social Interaction

I am terrified. I am scared to be happy, scared to have too much fun, scared to feel so alive. Scared that this is it. Scared of the anticlimax. I am scared of being happy enough not to care. Scared... Continue Reading →


It's all about perspective. Having everything in balance. A perspective too narrow and small and it is easy to become bogged down in the details of a tas; In the minutiae of how you are actually going to fill that... Continue Reading →

Within Grey Skies I Feel

I am so depressed, I feel so down, so trapped, so scared. I can't tell you because I am trapped by my fear. I am scared to talk because I couldn't bear your thoughts, the blame you would put on... Continue Reading →

The Pain of Exclusion

Do you ever feel so hurt, so broken so dead inside that you just don't talk to anyone, not even able to face the joy of others. So as you fall apart, weeping inside, you protect yourself in a shroud of pain... Continue Reading →


Today I handed in my graded unit. It was a horrible process printing it off. I spent a lot of money and kept printing the wrong pages in colour and black and while. I had to keep going back to... Continue Reading →

Trigger warning! This post contains sensitive content relating to the feelings that arise when I self-harm. Sometimes I feel hopeless. I pick at scabs on my body relentlessly, making myself feel worse and worse about myself. I look in the... Continue Reading →


You are scared of belonging, and you don't know how. You are so afraid to belong, to feel part of a group. To be so happy. You are afraid of how it would make you feel, of how vulnerable you... Continue Reading →

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