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One Day Yesterday

Remember this Because one day, when you are back home You will think of yesterday when this happened And you will think of these people who are still out here, living their lives moment by moment, day by day. So... Continue Reading →


Thank You, Reader

Thank you to whomever is reading this. Thank you for taking the time to click on my post, read my words. Thank you for listening to my thoughts and feelings. Thank you for every like, every comment, every follow. It... Continue Reading →

I Am Me

As I have explained in previous posts, I often struggle to keep my individuality within a relationship. I become too melded with my partner and become one half of a couple rather than my own individual person, who is in... Continue Reading →

1 Individual, Not 1/2 Of A Relationship

I have always been somewhat of a loner. Either by choice, circumstances, or a mixture of both. Due to my coping mechanism for dealing with jealousy often involving distancing myself from social groups, as well as my tendency to move... Continue Reading →


Ever since I was about twelve years old I have experienced jealousy over other people getting to spend more time with their friends than me. This was particularly true when my brother returned to a summer camp, which I had... Continue Reading →

So Casually Cruel In The Name Of Being Honest

Let me preface this with a bit of background. When I was a child I often suffered from excessive guilt over small incidents, sometimes this manifested in a lack of appetite and a lot of crying and self-hatred. I developed... Continue Reading →

I Love You, I Love Me

I am sorry for being so hard on you. I know I am, it's not that I'm unaware. It's not that I don't care either, I do, deeply. I want you to be happy, you deserve to be happy. You... Continue Reading →

“Just Take The Nail Out”

I can't just take the fucking nail out! The nail is my university application, my graded unit, two reports, a career. The nail is my personal life, an ex and best friend I lost, a life I lost through my... Continue Reading →


'I wish you understood what it was like to be me' 'Why didn't you tell me?' 'Because you never asked.'

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